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During the previous week, police responded to 3 incidents of shooting, two of which arose out of anger and rage by a police officer in Mbarara and a Saracen security guard in Tororo Municipality. The third shooting was by a police officer in Mukono Municipality, due to a mistaken identity. The investigations so far reveal that the shooting, were not as a result of organised crime, or an attack targeting the community, but a string of isolated and reckless shootings.

As the Joint Security Agencies, we remain concerned over the recent string of shootings, which points to a larger societal problem. Life is not valued the way it was before. For instance, the two shootings, in Tororo and Mbarara, were over petty conflicts, that led to the death of two people. In Tororo, a one Okedi Moses a 35 year old, Saracen guard, picked a gun and shot dead his colleague, over failure to return his Simcard and Saracen Staff Sacco Membership Card. He was arrested for murder.

In Mbarara, our officer PC Opio Charles, shot dead L/CPL Turyamureba Yeremiah, a UPDF officer attached to Ruhengyere Engineering Brigade in Kiruhura, over a woman. It was therefore, a crime of passion. The suspect developed a motive earlier in the day, on the 19.05.2023 at 3pm, when he allegedly saw the victim befriending his girlfriend and taking selfies. After 3 hours, at around 6pm, he still found the two together, and he shot a single bullet to the chest, killing a colleague officer, instantly. The suspect was arrested and the killer weapon recovered.

Again, on the 20.05.2023 at about 1am, a one ASP Tebangole Dismas, a 57-year-old CT officer, shot and wounded, a one Nagayi Natasha, a 21 year old UCU student, after he mistook her for a burglar at nabuti village, Mukono Municipality. It was established that the victim joined other OBs and OGs at Fox Club in Mukono for a party, where she delayed till late and could not return to her hostel. One of her OBS, called Bandishe Ashraf, surrendered his room, for her and another OG, called Natukunda. It was established that a boda boda rider, who transported her, took her to a different estate, and showed her, a house which belonged to the officer. The victim is out of danger, after getting treatment from Kawolo Hospital and Mulago National Referral Hospital. The officer remains in custody pending outcome from the office of the DPP.

Generally, the slight increase in such reckless type shootings, in the last 2 months, over petty conflicts/disputes, shows that people are getting desperate. Other shootings are often the result of domestic violence, personal disputes/arguments, poverty, range and anger, jealously, mental health among others, which all contribute to crime.

What the public should know is that supressing the aggressive conduct of an officer or security guard, remains a priority. We are working with other security agencies and partners like private security organisations, to ensure we have the right policies, intelligence, detection and enforcement. As you are all aware, gun violence had reduced greatly in the past, due to intensive policing and a strict gun policy.

SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

22nd May 2023

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