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The Territorial Police in Kigezi Region and Rukungiri CPS, have in custody a mother and her two children, for the alleged brutal murder of her husband Byamukama Vincent, a 53 year old, peasant of Mushuga village, Nyakisenyi sub-county, over family misunderstandings, after they were chased away, by the victim. The wife/mother conspired with her children, to murder their father.

The facts, fathered indicate that on the 4.06.2024, the victim who was an alcoholic, returned home drunk and chased his wife Mutesigensi Everino, aged 44, Nishaba Hildah, a 19 year old daughter, and his 6 year old grandson, Ainamani Wilbroad, from his home. The victims sought refuge in the neighborhood and could sneak into the home, when the husband/father was drinking in the trading centre, cook their food and go back to the neighborhood. It was unfortunate that on the 8.06.2024, they sneaked into the home to cook, but found the victim at home, who chased and threatened to cut them with a panga.

The disgruntled family, this time, waited for the victim to fall asleep up to around 11pm. They entered the house and picked his panga by the bedside which they used to hack the victim around the neck, killing him instantly. The suspects carried the deceased’s body on his mattress and burnt it, from the near side of the main house. After which, they dumped the remains in the toilet and demolished it. The relatives of the victim, piled pressure on the family to reveal the whereabouts of their brother, after realizing his absence. And they told them, how their father fell and died in their pit latrine. They mobilized and excavated the toilet and retrieved the human skull and other body remains of the victim. A walking stick, burnt mattress pieces, were recovered from the scene. The 3 suspects of Mutesigensi Everino (the widow), Akanyijuka Moses, a 21 year old son, and Ninshaba Hildar a 19 year old, daughter are scheduled to appear in court.

We strongly condemn such brutal acts of violence within domestic settings. No excuse can justify the savagery committed by the suspects. Murders in domestic settings are avoidable, if the warning signs of violence are detected early. Our dedicated Child and Family Protection Officers are always available and will attend to all victims.


SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

17th June 2024

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