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It is with joy and deep sense of satisfaction that I preside over this ceremony, to officially send off our retired officers.  A month ago, we held a similar event in this very venue when we convened to bid farewell to retired gazetted officers that included Directors. Today, we are gratified to send off retired officers from the rank of Inspector of Police and below.

As Uganda Police Force (UPF) management, we hold these farewell functions as a sign of appreciation to our officers who conclude the tough, challenging, and at times thankless and heartbreaking years of Police service. As you realise, quite a big number of officers join the service and many are unable to attend such functions as a result of deaths, desertion, discharges, voluntary resignation, and disciplinary or criminal misconducts that lead them to prison.   It is, therefore, only through such a gathering that we are accorded a lifetime opportunity to express gratitude, respect, reverence and honor to our own officers whose invaluable contribution are hardly brought to light.

We all know that you started service in this institution when you were many but some of the colleagues you joined with, fell by the wayside. It is truly remarkable that a few of you endured and diligently served our country to attain this impressive milestone in your life with great integrity.

After many years of strenuous police duties, you are now relieved from the compulsory strains with honor and dignity, and it is for this reason that those who are still in service, should look at you with admiration and gratitude for a job well -done.  Therefore, consider this function as collective token of appreciation for a great journey of your achievements and beautiful memories.

As retired Police officers, you left this institution “retiring” but not “tired” of doing public good.   I, therefore, call upon you to always see yourselves as good emissaries of Uganda Police Force and never allow any selfish interest to blemish the integrity and wisdom you have nurtured over the years in this great disciplinary institution. I strongly believe going by your antecedents and the manner you have conducted yourselves over the years in service, and, the skill and knowledge acquired, you surely remain our mirrors and ambassadors wherever you will be.

As for the few post- service challenges that await you, I have no doubt that the tough policing challenges that you experienced were adequate to prepare you for greater challenges ahead, and to nurture you to build a strong foundation for the current new chapter in life. I implore you to remain honest to yourselves, sincere, humble to fellow beings and affectionate to your family members and the community.

In a special way, allow me extend great appreciation to your spouses and other family members that have kept at your side through thick and thin. To accomplish police duties, it requires amazing, loving, and supportive families with a tremendous amount of faith, love, mercy, endurance and grace. I, therefore, request your family members to continue rendering you the necessary support as you adopt to the new life.

I also wish to acknowledge with gratitude the day’s facilitators for the knowledge given to our colleagues. Your topics have been very enriching and insightful.

Finally, let me once again thank each and every one of you for your valuable contributions to the UPF. It was a pleasure for all of us to work with you on every occasion.

Please, accept my best wishes for your personal happiness and success. May God continue to give you success as you cope up with the retirement period.

Thank you very much.


J.M. Okoth-Ochola, (Esq.)


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