IGP Launches 07 Cars to Facilitate CID Activities

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Today, Wednesday, 19th, December, 2018,  I am happy to launch seven (07) units of saloon vehicles, for the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, as part of our long running campaign and strategy to reduce crime. The fleet of vehicles shall be used for a variety of CID tasks ranging from the day-to-day activities of responding and documenting crime scenes; arresting and transporting suspects, facilitating movement of witnesses and victims, corresponding with other stakeholders in the criminal justice system among others; which are not only essential in the fight against crime, but will also improve public confidence in our work.

The fleet is being allocated to 7 Regions, that include; Wamala, Katonga, Savannah, Sezibwa, Busoga East, Greater Bushenyi and Greater Masaka, to purposely help them provide an effective and efficient response to CID work by providing a more visible and reassuring policing presence by the CID, across their respective regions, some of which are covert in nature.

An additional 15 motor vehicles have been procured and  will be allocated to the following regional CID offices; KMP, Bukedi, Elgon, Busoga North, Aswa, West Nile, Sipi, Rwenzori  East, Mt. Moroto and Kidepo.

The force has plans to procure more specialist vehicles  for other units as well that will include; Forensic services, Traffic, Counter-Terrorism, Fire and Rescue, Medical services and other operational requirements. We shall ensure, there is value for money on all equipment procured.






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