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False Allegations Published In The Daily Monitor Newspaper

Press Release


On the 11.09.2015, the Daily Monitor Newspaper ran an outrageously false and misleading story on its front page under the headline “MBABAZI BODYGUARD SHOT IN JINJA FRACAS” where it further went on to add “the guard only identified as Kule, was reportedly shot in the leg”.

We want to rebut this false claim and categorically state that, following the arrival of Presidential Aspirant Hon. Amama Mbabazi for a consultative meeting within Jinja municipality, which failed due to lack of alternative venues. This was after the Municipal council had booked out Kakindu stadium while Kazimingi Industrial park was a very busy commercial area. At no stage was any person shot and injured during the lawful operation to quell and disperse an unlawful assembly within the Municipality. The Police treat rule of law and every day law abiding choices as its number one priority.

The reporters totally failed to abide by the Journalistic Code of Ethics as investigative journalists, after making very little effort and or attempts to find out the truth since a gun wound victim would have been rushed to the nearest hospital in Jinja. They instead chose to print the outrageous lie to defame the police without any regard to the people it will affect.

It is a discredit to the Daily Monitor, that they have not supported a lawful duty and instead become a party to scurrilous lies used as a political and communication strategy. They helped in portraying the police as a partisan and brutal force; totally misrepresent its character in the face of a disorderly public whose actions are often seen as a human right. By setting aside tales of political deceit and subterfuge by politicians who have a duty to strictly adhere to rule of law, while inherently promoting negative smear campaigns against the police through a confection of lies is highly unprofessional. Were the politicians and protesters level of violence against police officers on lawful duty legitimate?

We therefore, demand an immediate apology, a retraction and correction by the Daily Monitor even after they disproportionately chose to purposely ignore the coverage of police officers injured during the course of duty and vehicles damaged.

CP Fred Enanga

Press and Public Relations Officer

Uganda Police


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