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We wish to inform the public that the Joint Intelligence and investigative operations, targeting telephone scammers, who purport to be officials from Government Ministries, departments and agencies. The suspects make scam phone calls to public officials, with false claims of either study abroad, update of passport and travel documents, referrals for job opportunities to relatives are still ongoing. We have however, made several arrests in the ongoing operations.

The telephone scammers are continuing to target both public officials and members of the public. This time round they are using telephone number 0773439690, purporting to be officials from the Uganda Communications Commission and are engaging clients of different mobile networks, claiming their sim cards are not fully registered and will be de-registered. They end up sending a mobile account log -in code, which they ask the client to activate. This therefore, enables them to access your phone, mobile money balances and other bank account details.

We would like to warn the public that if you come across any such online requests, please contact the Uganda Communications Commission, or your mobile network provider on a number you know to be correct. We advise you not to respond to any calls or texts you receive from telephone scammers.

We urge all persons who could have been defrauded by phone scammers, to share details with the National Operations Command Centre on telephone numbers 0707600773/0776999136 or 0800199699, for further action.




SCP Enanga Fred


Police Spokesperson


8th August 2022




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