World Vision Uganda donates Medical Equipment

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The World Vision International in conjunction with USAID Uganda have donated assorted medical equipment to Uganda Police Medical Services in a move geared at improving the health of all police officers and the neighboring communities.

The deputy director police health services Dr. Nuwamanya Emanuel received microscopes, refrigerators, maternity equipment, counter books, among others at a function held at police health services headquarters at Nsambya police barracks.

“The equipment is going to help us to fulfill the mandate of the police health services, which is to take care of police officer’s health and the neighboring communities”, said Dr. Nuwamanya.

He said that police entered into a partnership with World Vision and USAID to reduce and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS within the force.

He added that since the partnership five years ago, police has achieved 100 percent   in prevention of mother to child transmission among police officers and the surrounding communities. There is hope that World Vision will cover all police health centres country wide.

The Chief of party USAID Uganda, Mr. Rasmus Tanga said that according to statistics, uniformed people have 11% higher HIV/AIDs infection rates than the rest of Ugandan population which stands at 7.4%.

Mr. Tanga attributed the high infection rates to the nature of work as most police officers do mobile work and spend long periods away from their partners. He also added that social behaviors like taking alcohol play a great deal in spreading HIV/AIDs.


The Uganda government together with USAID have developed a programme of HIV/AIDS health initiatives in work places that would help in nondiscrimination at the work places for everyone to receive treatment and care without stigma.
The partnership has improved police health services in a number of ways including training of health workers, providing medical equipment, supporting victims, counselling among others.

Police health services is subdivided into three sectors; Healthcare for the sick, ambulance and rescue services, and forensics. All the three sectors have been facing a problem of lack of equipment so, the donations have come at the right time to help in the healthcare unit.



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