West Nile Police sensitize the public on the dangers of heavy rains

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Police in West Nile Region have began educating people of the area about the dangers of floods as a result of heavy rain in the area.

The radio talk-show started with  Arua one FM this morning from 0900/c to 1000/c.

They were sensitizing the community on how to minimize and avoid  accidents resulting from floods in this current season of heavy rain in West Nile region.

This follows several incidents of people drowning in flooded Rivers. Last week end alone, Arua district got 6 different incidents of floods sweeping human beings and moto vehicles at River Enyau Osu and Ala.

The first incident occurred on Friday evening 12th/10/2018 when one Awanga Robert 45yrs drowned in River Enyau at Arua Municipality and his body found under Enyau bridge in Ediofe yesterday evening at 1800/c.

On Sunday 14th/10/2018 following a heavy down pour between 16 to 1700/c at Omugo refugee settlement in Arua, two refugees drowned to death while attempting to cross River Enyau from Omugo six camp to Omugo Main”Angucia noted.

One body of Dada Obadiah was found yesterday and the other still being searched.

A macedez  Benz no. UAY481Y belonging to blue pearl company which was transporting food items to the camps got stuck in the river and was swept off by floods where the head and chassis were found 2km down stream but the body still being traced.

Some on lookers also reported a pickup with about 4 occupants being swept off at the same sport and police is still tracing and making further inquiries. In River Ala in Vurra one person was swept by floods but found alive hanging in between tree trunks.

In River OSU within Arua Municipality, uncountable number of cows were swept off by floods. Several other similar incidents were reported in other parts of the region.

Members of public including drivers are advised not to under estimate the power of floods in this rain season and are to be conscious during heavy rains. Report made by PRO West Nile SP Josephine Angucia


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