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We would like to refute the false and malicious propaganda, surrounding the video footages of its driver, who was captured amidst protesters in Nakuru, while transporting, a Uganda police Fire truck, under registration number UP 9596, from Kenya to Uganda, on the 21.06.2024. The propagandists and their co-conspirators, falsified their stories, claiming the Uganda Police, was involved in the recent protests in Kenya, which was false and misleading.

The facts gathered indicate that the fire truck that, belongs to Masaka CPS Fire and Rescue Department, developed mechanical problem in April 2024, and it was transported to Nairobi-Kenya, by Isuzu Uganda, for further mechanical repair. On the 21.06.2024, as the fire truck was being driven back to Uganda, its driver came across several protesters in Nakuru, who recorded it during transit. The fire truck driver eventually proceeded and entered Uganda on the 21.06.2024, and was captured on CCTV at Busitema, at 11:49: 25am, enroute to Masaka via Kampala.

Therefore, the accusations that the Uganda Police deployed a fire fighting truck, in the recent spate of protests in Kenya are false and misleading. Our counterparts the Kenyan Police, know that we have nothing to do with the protests. We continue to respect the sovereignty of the Republic of Kenya and its decisions. Mutual respect and understanding continues to be the basis of our cooperation with the Kenyan Police.


SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

24th June 2024



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