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In the course of the week, 141 suspects behind the violent crimes along the bypass, other roads and localities, within the suburbs of Kampala were charged to court. In Kawempe 74 were charged, 60 remanded and 14 released on court bail; in Nansana, 18 were charged in court, while at old Kampala, 32 were charged to court, 26 remanded and 6 fined or imprisoned; and in Kiira division, 7 were charged in court and 1 convicted and sentenced to 6months.

The leadership of the joint security agencies, has designed a comprehensive approach, aimed at improving safety along the bypass and other major roads in the country, for motorists, pedestrians and the public at large.  We have expanded our operations to the outskirts of Kyebando, Kyamuka, Kigowa, Nalya, Kimuli, Kireka Railway Areas, Jinja Kaloli, Wamala, Katooke-kisumu, Nabweeru, Kagoma, Maganjo and Kanyanya.

Although some of them were convicted and sentenced to court fines and community service, we are going to ensure that they find it hard to return to their former gangs. The Forensics Directorate, has created a data bank to capture all fingerprints of repeated offenders and defaulters, that will enable us produce them in court, as hardcore criminals in future. This will disrupt their continuity of gang crimes, control over location, space and even recruitments among others.

In addition, the KMP Territorial Unit has also aligned a task force comprising of the Joint Intelligence Components, Flying Squad, CID, Field Force Unit, that will focus priority on street/ highway gang crime and narcotic drugs. We have put emphasis on the identification of the ring leaders and violent members, who pose significant threats to the integrity of our society.

Along with CID team of investigators, a solid intelligence base, undercover operations and robust surveillance, we shall successfully eradicate violent gangs along the bypass. We are also using expansive community approaches, to develop patterner-ships with community leaders to fight violent crime. As you are aware, we have a well-established community liaison program with initiatives on community outreach.




17TH. JANUARY 2022



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