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As you are all aware, our country is facing a wave of terror threats from domestic terrorists linked or inspired by the ADF, a terrorist group based in the Eastern DRC.
Despite the significant threats, our joint counter-terrror teams, have conducted several raids and operations, aimed at disrupting and dismantling emerging terror cells within the country. A total of 21 suspects including operatives and coordinators, from the ADF cells that had been established in Mpererwe, Lweza, Luweero, Ntoroko and Bundibugyo. The cells were secretly involved in violent terrorist activities using IEDs and other weapons. Their arrests were based on information given by their accomplices and co-conspirators, who gave good accounts on how they planned, prepared and executed their acts of terror.
During the disruptive operations, our teams recovered three sets of IEDs from the residences of Matovu Adam aka Manhaji from Ttula Kawempe, Mugamba Moses Mudasiru aka Kalyowa aka Moze, from Katooke Nansana, and Muwonge Yusuf from Kireka Biira. All the IEDs were successfully detonated by the bomb squad. In addition, an AK-47 Rifle, was recovered from the ADF cell in Paidha from Warom Felix.
Our task team also encountered a group of four ADF suspects in Ntoroko, who form part of the recruitment and logistical coordination network, in Bundibugyo and Ntoroko Districts. They were successfully surveilled and intercepted at Kisenge trading centre, along the Fort Portal – Bundibugyo highway. They were shot and killed as they tried to force their way through the check point and evade arrest. The 4 who include; Atindya Yassin aka Senabulya Dan, Byaruhanga Musa Bahemuka, Turikimanya Joshua Mathias and Bagonza Joseph, were greatly linked to Muhammad Luminsa, the 5th Commander, in the ADF structure.

Muhammad Luminsa(in photo)
In another operation, 13 rebel recruits, who included 7 adults and 6 juveniles, were intercepted at Karugutu village, in Ntoroko District, while being transported to the ADF rebel camps in the DRC. They included; Kahindo Edith, aged 34 and from Nyabusokoma, Karugutu; Munubi Shakira, aged 26 and from Karugutu; Musa Abdallah Ayebare, aged 26 and from Gangu, Wakiso; Ainembabazi Mariam, aged 21 and from Karugutu; Tahad Seluwu, aged 23 and Fahad Seluwu, aged 21 from Katale, Kajjansi; Nassanga Sumaya, aged 18, and from Kasana Luweero; Imran Ssesanga, aged 12 from Kasana Luweero, Ayibi Kikomeko, aged 9 from Kasana Luweero; Muhaiminu Natukunda, aged 8 from Karugutu. Also included are three children aged 5, 18 months and a one month old.
Out of the 13, a one Musa Abdullah Ayebare, led the team to the home of Sheikh Muhammad Kirevu aka Abbas Kirevu, who recruited him, located at Gangu, Busabala Road. He was not around and he further led them to his second home, located at Katereke cell, Kyengera town council in Wakiso District. The Sheikh was arrested and resisted handcuffs. He however, attempted to escape while being escorted to the patrol car, which led to a shooting, killing him instantly.
Both Sheikh Muhammad Kirevu and Sheikh Sulaiman Nsubuga of Kajjansi, were strong ADF rebel collaborators, who were using their networks to identify vulnerable individuals and families, to recruit from. They thereafter, facilitated their movement to the DRC, for training and radicalization into the rebel ranks. They were also providing material support to operatives involved in the terror attacks. We are still actively hunting for Sheikh Sulaiman Nsubuga, who is still at large.
We want to assure Ugandans that our top priority remains preventing and countering terrorist attacks in our country. The recovery and detonation of dangerous IEDs, together with the arrests of operatives and collaborators, serves as a strong warning to all those who support terrorism and related acts of violence against our country. We shall pursue them all.
And now that we are entering the festive season, we anticipate an increase in shopping and other business activities. We however, wish to caution the public against gathering in large numbers and soft targets, due to vulnerability concerns.





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