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As you are all aware, on the 12.10.2021, at around 11:30pm, a suspected car thief, identified as Kyeyune Ronald, a 30 year old, male adult, trespassed and broke into the motor vehicle, under registration number, UAX815Y, Toyota Harrier, white in color, that belonged to Rev. Fr. Mugisha Richard, the Parish Priest of Bisanje Catholic Church, Kimanya, Kabonero Division in Masaka City.

The suspect was rounded up by as he tried to drive off, with the motor vehicle by an irate group of youths and community vigilante members, who started lynching him.  It is during the violent beating that the Rev. Fr. called the police at Masaka to rescue the suspect, almost after one and half hours from 11:30pm, when the incident occurred.

Our patrol team, led by AIP Okello Patrick, responded and rescued the wounded suspect and transferred him to Masaka CPS after 1am.  At around 6:30am, the cells guard realized that the suspect was not feeling well and alerted the standby team to have him transferred to the Hospital for treatment.  Unfortunately, the victim passed away, during that process.

An inquest was carried out by the Magistrate at Masaka CPS, and the coroner’s report obtained.  In addition several statements were obtained, from our response teams who rescued the victim, the officers on night duty, the officers who took the victim to custody, the male cells guard and suspects who were with the victim in custody. Other statements were recorded from the Rev. Fr. Mugisha, together with the Head of the vigilantes, from Bisanje village, Kimanya Kabonero division.   Also summoned for statements are other vigilantes, who took part in the alleged torture of the suspect upon arrest, at the home of the Rev.Fr.

There has however, been misinformation circulated that the investigation of the Rev.Fr. Mugisha, is an effort to witch hunt or victimize him, for his particular views about Government. This is not true, because the investigation is purely about a crime of murder, and how to bring the perpetrators to book. It is not about any particular ideology, whether by Government, NRM or the Opposition.

We continue to investigate every lead that we receive, as we work to secure justice for the victim and his immediate family.  Any decision coming out of the investigation will be based on facts.  To our young politicians, allegations of murder, including mob justice, should not be treated as politics.

CP Fred Enanga

Police Spokesperson

18th October 2021

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