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As you are all aware, we have entered day 62, since the double deadly attacks occurred at CPS and Parliament Avenue.  The joint CT teams continue to mitigate, prevent, stop, disrupt and dismantler plans by terrorists and domestic extremists to attack Ugandans and other citizens in the country. For instance, on the 16.01.2022, our teams conducted a search operation in Katende-Kiwamirembe, Kirigente subcounty in Mpigi district in the homes of Ssenkungu Siraje and Kataza Muzafaru, in the presence of the area local leaders. An assortment of exhibits of material value were recovered. These included an AK47 gun, with 16 live ammunitions, two motorcycles under reg number UEX 534B, and UEP 189X, with their respective registration books, an army green warm jacket part, and several books with instruction materials, among others.

This shows that members of the domestic ADF terror network, within the country are active and still possess dangerous weapons that are concealed and in line with their ideological motive of causing fear, harm and violence, against Ugandans and other citizens in the country.

We want to remind all Ugandans and citizens in the country, that terror threats are real, and from remnants of the ADF. As a result, each and everyone should remain vigilant and extra cautious, as they go about their daily activities.

We want to thank the Joint counter terror teams comprising of Intelligence, investigative and operational units, for their level of dedication and commitment, in countering all forms of terrorism in the country.




17TH. JANUARY 2022


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