An Update on the Greater Masaka Incident as Of Today January 3rd, 2018  

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Contrary to what some media houses reported, the young girl that was critically injured in the attacks in Bukomansimbi did not die, she was evacuated to Mulago National referral Hospital yesterday and she is currently in ICU receiving medical attention.

She is a granddaughter to the late slain SSP Ssebuggwawo Denis Lumala and she is in P7 vacation having sat her final primary examination papers last year 2017.

Secondly, the number of those injured has been exaggerated. Truth is that 8 people were injured on that fateful day. They were rushed to Masaka Referral Hospital,two received medication and were discharged.

6 were admitted and as of now all have been discharged except the 14 year old girl currently in Mulago National Referral Hospital, Nabifo Nancy and one Mr. Charles Kintu who is being prepared to be brought to Mulago National Referral Hospital today as guided by the Inspector General of Police after consultation with the medical officers at Masaka Referral Hospital this morning.

The Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura visited this patient in hospital before proceeding to Bukomansimbi for security related work in as far as handling the situation is concerned.
Gen. Kale Kayihura assured mourners at the burial of our fallen senior officer that the police and sister security agencies will hunt these criminal elements in the region and bring them to book. He asked for calm and full cooperation with the Police.

SSP Emilian Kayima, spokesperson UPF

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