Uganda Police Participates in NCB Conference

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Uganda Police has participated in the 14th Annual Heads of National Central Bureaus, NCB, Conference of the International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol held in Lyon, France.

The conference serves as a platform for fostering international collaboration in fighting transnational organized crime. A total of 192 states have taken part to expound on issues of cross border crime and the need for more collaboration between stake holders.

The Ugandan Police Force represented by AIGP. Fred Yiga presented the need to support the coordination of national, regional, inter regional, International operations, promotion of INTERPOL policing capabilities, cooperation and maintenance of good relationships with all law enforcement, participation and taking active role in sharing critical information on human trafficking, sensitization to promote the use of INTERPOL policing capabilities in respective member countries.

The INTERPOL Secretariat General was tasked to engage with, assist member countries to extend the i24/7 systems in order to accommodate the ever increasing issues of porous borders and the cross border crime that goes with it, closely follow up on legislative developments at national and regional level on the protection of data in the police sector and to promote the introduction of national legislation on data protection in the police sector.

Mr. Jurgen Stock commended the Uganda Police Force’s contribution to the INTERPOL over the years especially for its support for joint effort in the recent operations such as USALAMA and FAGIA.

It’s through this that Uganda has been awarded funding for the establishment of a national criminal intelligence analysis unit which shall be managed by the directorates of Criminal Investigations Department, Crime Intelligence, Counter Terrorism, Forensics and INTERPOL an arrangement that has already seen 11 Crime Intelligence Officers undertaking the required training.



The Annual Heads of National Central Bureaus (NCB, Conference) is a meeting that provides a unique opportunity for senior police officers to discuss issues on a global level.

This event brings together the Heads of INTERPOL’s National Central Bureaus from around the world to share information, exchange ideas and best practices and be updated on the latest activities and allow participants to discuss policing challenges common to their regions.

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