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We wish to congratulate the entire Police Force for this achievement of having the strategic policing plan that will guide our efforts and actions in the next five years as we “protect and service”.

The 2040 Vision envisages the consolidation, development and promotion of the prevailing peace and security that the country enjoys. Priority shall be placed on:
 Anti-terrorism measures at national, regional and global level
 Promoting public-private cooperation and civil/community involvement for improved safety and security. For this strategy, UPF emphases community policing;
 Deepening policy, legal and institutional reforms for improved enforcement of law and order. Here the UPF is undertaking amendments of the Police Act, and the Police Standing Orders.
 Promoting processes for national and inter-community dialogue among ethnic and other interest groups; and
 Peace building and reconciliation through increased access to information by the population.
click below for the full strategic plan 2015/16-2019/20

UPF Strategic PLan 2015- 2020.doc

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