Uganda Police Crime Intelligence Directorate arrests police officer, thugs in panga wielding crime

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On the February 17, 2021, an attempted robbery case was reported to our police station in Lower Nsooba in Mulago Parish, Kampala City.

The complainant said a group of six thugs armed with machetes climbed over the fence of Godfrey Saka and gained access into the house.

The thugs cut and injured two of the occupants; Kevin Uwera, the wife to Mr Saka and Batre Benard, the wife to the security guard. It is alleged that the thugs’ intention was to rob money.

The Directorate of Crime Intelligence embarked on an investigation.

It was established that the scheme to rob Mr Saka was orchestrated by Police Constable Joshua Mugoya, attached to Kasangati Police Station.

Constable Mugoya got a tip from Moses Ruhindi, who is a friend to another suspect identified as Muzeyi. Muzeeyi is a friend to Mr Saka the victim .

Muzeeyi sold a robbery idea of Mr Saka, whom he suspected to be hiding billions of shillings in the house, to his friend Ruhindi. Ruhindi would later share it with Constable Mugoya.

Investigations have shown that Constable Mugoya would later get in touch with Ali Galiwango aka Kapafu, Patrick Jjuuko and others criminals.

Ruhindi, Mugoya and Muzeeyi later met at a bar in Kasangati to plan the robbery.

They later carried out the attack.

Upon getting the details how the robbery was hatched, Crime Intelligence arrested the suspects except Hakim Wasswa, who is still on the run.

All the suspects in custody including the police officer have admitted to participating in the crime.

Searches have been conducted at the homes of the suspects where machetes, a toy pistol and other tools suspected to have been used in the robberies were recovered.


Police are processing their criminal files with a view of charging them in court. Their file has been forwarded to the office of the DPP for perusal and probably sanctioning it.

It should be noted that the police is investigating a couple of other crimes that have in the past happened in areas of Kasangati and Kawempe where homes have been attacked in the similar manner.

The police will not tolerate any criminal acts among its officers and if the evidence is sufficient enough on any officer, we won’t hesitate to charge in courts of law and also dismiss the officers if found guilty.

Investigations and the hunt for one more suspect Wasswa are still ongoing. We call upon the public to remain vigilant and report to police any criminal activities in their area.

Asp Luke Owoyesigyire.
Deputy PRO KMP

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