U.C.E exams progress peacefully

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Uganda police force continues to support Uganda National Examinations Board in ensuring that UNEB exams which started on 13/10/2014 continue successfully and peacefully to reduce incidences of exam malpractice and crime.
Except for some places such as Mbarara where the director of Booma high school was arrested and charged for failure to register 14 of the 26 students expected to sit the exams. At Luwero, both the director and the headmaster of Mulumba mixed SS in Gombe are on a run and face arrest for registering 10 students under other students’ names and swapping their index numbers, causing them not to sit for the examinations.
On a positive note, the police in Busia intervened to assist Nakalanzi Rayla to sit for the examination at Busia girls school, although she had not completed payment of the balance of her school dues and in Moyo district, some south Sudanese students were absent and did not sit for exams despite having registered with U.N.E.B and police is investigating the conduct.
The Uganda police continues to applaud the efforts of all those involved in ensuring that the U.N.E.B exams progress peacefully and successfully.

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