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The Directorate of Crime Intelligence in close coordination with the police in KMP North, has in custody, two suspects arrested on charges of human and labour trafficking of Ugandans, who are mobilised and illegally transported into the Eastern DRC, to work in the local mines of Moku, under very hostile conditions.  The Preliminary findings indicate that Vuma Rogers, a 28-year-old, operations Manager of China, Uganda-Congo (COC), has been mobilising vulnerable Ugandans, from different districts and bring them to the collection centre at STAR INN Guest House, located in Kinoni Zone “C”, Makerere 1 Parish, Kawempe Division, Kampala District.  The victims would spend a few days and are thereafter, smuggled out of the country through Kasese and Kanungu districts.
Also arrested is Simon Ochogi, the supervisor at Star Inn, Guest House; where 7 female victims were recovered.  The victims include; Kugonza Mildred, a 37-year-old, female adult from Buliisa district, Nakayemba Resty a 23-year-old, female adult from Kabimbiri village, Kayunga; Nabire Annet, a 28-year-old, salon attendant of Makindye; Ndiwakogi Sylivia, a 29-year-old, businesswoman of Namugongo, Akitai Loyce, a 29-year-old from Buloba, Kyomugisha Beatrine, a 31-year-old, female adult of Mpaija village in Hoima and Nakawukyi Aisha, a 21-year-old, female adult of Nansana.
While in Moku, Eastern DRC, the workers are taken to dig for Gold, in the local mines using rudimentary tools, a physically demanding activity, with little pay and under very degrading conditions, all in exchange for millions, by their traffickers.  The CUC company has been paying for their passports and transportation out of the country.
We are now tracing for Mr. Lin, a Chinese owner, of CUC which allegedly has a branch in Moku, Eastern DRC.  And also investigating their lawyer Naturinda Eriab, who has been processing passports for them, using his law firm, of Phelp Associates Advocates, located at Park Royal buildings.
As the Joint Security Agencies, we want to reaffirm our commitment in combatting human trafficking networks, to help mitigate the serious risks of labour exploitation and modern slavery, of violence, injury and even death. We do call upon anyone with information about a potential trafficking situation, to call the Human Trafficking desk at CID Headquarters on 0713881798.  All reports are confidential.

CP Enanga Fred
Police Spokesperson
29th November 2021

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