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The Territorial Police in West Nile Region and Arua Vuira CPS, have in custody two suspects who attempted to bribe a police officer on duty at Arua Vuira CPS, on the 14.04.2024 at around 4:30pm. The two suspects include; Ajikia Annet, a 28 year old, peasant of Nyio village, and Nyakuta Brian, a 22 year old, bodaboda rider of Nyio village, Arua district.
The facts gathered indicate that the suspects and others, on the 17.12.2023, murdered their relative Arijule Alido, together with Onzima Innocent, and clan members. After the murder, they burnt all his properties and demolished his house and then picked his body which they dumped in a pit latrine. The suspects fled to the DRC after the brutal murder and returned after learning that the former OC CID, D/ASP Maloba Moses had been transferred. They mobilised Ugx 2m, from other suspects and on the 12.04.2024 to bail out the prime suspect Onzima Innocent, who was arrested on 12.04.2024. They tried to bribe the new OC CID D/ASP Kalinaki Japhar, with bribery.
Bribing a police officer to destroy a case is punishable by law and must be avoided. Instead the most important thing to do is to contact a defence attorney in your area, to fight the charges against you.
We want to applaud the OC CID Arua Vuira CPS, for taking a stand against bribery. A badge carries enormous responsibility along with the trust it confers. Those who defend that responsibility have the true character of the police. By his actions he owes the public honest services free from bias. We shall continue relying on such officers, to do their work with honesty and integrity.
The two suspects are now being held accountable for the bribery.
SCP Enanga Fred
Police Spokesperson
15th April 2024

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