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We wish to further inform the public, that the task team actively investigating the double murder of Nantongo Brenda and Kayondo Haruna, and the attempted murder of General Katumba Wamala and his body guard Sgt. Koboyoit Khalid, has registered more success after they recovered the second killer gun from Namuwongo.
All the suspects who are fully cooperating with the team of investigators, led them to Serwadda Juma, a Chapat seller in Namuwongo, who upon arrest led the team to the home of JUMA SAIDI, a bodaboda rider, located in Namuwongo-Kanyogoga village, Bukasa Parish, Kampala City.
Upon arrest, JUMA SAIDI, who acts as a custodian of the weapons by the terror group, led the team to his poultry house, and removed two guns and a pistol, that he had wrapped in a polythene bag and strategically buried underneath the ground.
The recovered guns had been transferred from Kisasi to Nansana, Kawanda and then Namuwongo-Kanyogoga, clearly showing how active the domestic terror cell was.
We have now recovered the two suspected killer guns, four motorcycles used in the planning, preparation and execution of the many plots, bomb making materials, Al-Qaeda training manuals, several Western Union transfer receipts with foreign funders, T-shirts used in surveillance, mobile phones and an assortment of other exhibits. A pistol was also recovered.

The above mentioned exhibits and evidence gathered from witnesses, both public and private CCTV footages, and Forensic Analysis is very consistent with acts of domestic terrorism and extremism.  We are now processing them on charges of terrorism and the aggravated robberies committed at Nansana Cheap hardware stores, the Robbery and Murder at Ntake Bakery Kalerwe, as well as the Robbery and Murder at Mpererwe Supermarket.
We are meanwhile expanding both our investigations and operations to ensure all emerging domestic terror cells are cracked down, and the remaining remnants identified and brought to book.  In addition, concerted efforts are also in place to trace and establish the whereabouts of the overall coordinator Sheikh ABUDIN HUBAIDA TAHEEL BUKENYA who is on the run.

Once again, I would like to urge all Ugandans and visitors to safeguard themselves against the threat of COVID-19, by following the health protocols, and further re-assure them that the Joint Security Agencies are very prepared to counter all forms of violence and lawlessness in the country.

Maj Gen

2nd July 2021

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