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As you are all aware, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations instituted inquiries into acts of indecent practice, exhibited by students of Lubiri High School, in a bus while returning from a field trip in Jinja, on the 10.06.2022. Their actions were known to the public through a video footage which went viral.

Following legal guidance from the DPP, it was established that there was lack of enough supervision by the teachers during the field trip. As a result, we are recommending to the school management, the immediate suspension of students who participated in the indecent behavior and those who recorded and posted the videos on social media. This will act as a lesson to other students in school, to behave in a more responsible manner. Upon their return to school, they will be counseled by probation officers in charge of the area, on appropriate behavior and how to refocus their attention on learning.

It was further established that the bus carried 73 students, which was more than the sitting capacity of 67 students. Although, the driver did not solicit the number of students, which is excusable, it was not appropriate for the school to assign only two teachers, who failed to properly supervise the bus activities. All teachers charged with the duty of superetending students in school, must exercise reasonable supervision over them and the attendant circumstances. In this instance, instead of warning the students, they left them to behave in an egregious and unsafe manner. It is against this background that the two teachers namely, Mr. Joseph Nsubuga and Ms. Lydia Nabakka, are being charged with Neglect to Prevent a Felony, C/S 389 of the Penal Code.

To the school administrators, the acts above exposed the students to danger, which calls for further vigilance. Remember when parents bring their children to school, it is a duty of the school management to take care of their children and ensure they are safe.

As we conclude, we call upon all schools, to take all necessary steps to ensure robust and reliable systems for preventing, reporting indiscipline, abuse, neglect of students and transparent dialogue with all stakeholders especially parents and guardians.

Once again, the Police strongly condemns all acts of lawlessness, indiscipline and inappropriate behavior in schools due to the negative impact it causes students, parents and teachers. We will therefore, continue to hold persons who expose students to danger accountable.


CP Fred Enanga

Police Spokesman


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