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The territorial police in Wamala and Kassanda, are actively investigating the deadly invasion of ZIAN DUOMI factory, and aggravated robbery, in Kigarama village, Myanzi parish, Myanzi sub county, in Kassanda district.

The preliminary findings do reveal that on the 16.10.2021, at around 2.40am, a gang of approximately 15 criminal assailants, armed with pangas and metallic bars, jumped over the fence of the factory that deals in plywood. The assailants headed straight to the sentry house near the gate, and attacked 3 police officers who were inside. During the surprise attack, they grabbed a gun and shot dead PPC Amuko Ronald. They further inflicted serious injuries on two other officers identified as, PPC Rukundo Obed and PPC Muwanguzi Peter and also took their guns bringing the total number to three.
The criminal assailants proceeded and broke into the room of the Managing Director, Shi Wenxia, and robbed him of cash Ugx. 7 million, 1000 Chinese Yuan, and other items. Others went to the CCTV room and vandalized the cameras. The suspects additionally, attacked two female victims on the night shift and gang raped them, before they fled from the scene.

Our response teams from Kassanda, upon arrival rushed the two officers and the female victims to Mityana Referral hospital for further medical attention and DNA samples. The bodies of the officer and that of the killed assailant were also transported to hospital for post mortem. So far two guns and a panga have been recovered. Efforts to recover the additional gun are in place.

The combined task team is now working towards the identification of the assailant who was gunned down, to help identify his place of origin, after his body was found with no identification documents, and also not known in the area. We are also pursuing other leads and will not rest until the assailants are tracked down, arrested and brought to justice.

The two officers and the female victims are all out of danger and progressing well in hospital. Our thoughts and prayers also go to the immediate family of our fallen officer, PPC Amuko Ronald.


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