Two arrested over impersonation

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Two arrested over impersonation.

By kamusiime wilfred

Police in Arua yesterday arrested two people for impersonating to be OC CID officers.

Ayikoyo Nelson 24yrs and Bada Anthony 28yrs  were arrested after they false fully obtained money from a one Nawal Mawa  a resident of  Koboko Municipality.

Sp Josephine Aguncia the regional police spokesperson confirmed the arrest adding that the two demanded 500,000shs and she managed to raise 300,000shs.

“It was the pressure exerted on her by these suspects for the balance of 200,000shs which made her report to police hence leading to their arrest” Added Josephine upon arrest.

The suspects confessed having received the money as a desperate move to help Nawal Who is a refugee.

The victim wanted to rescue his brother who is facing defilement charges by getting him a police bond. However, the suspect was taken to court and remanded to Arua Government prison as Inquiries continue.


Police bond is free so always report such matters to police authorities in case you are being asked to pay for a police bond.

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