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A total of 355 accidents occurred during this period and out of these 52 accidents were fatal, 201 were serious and 102 were minor.


There were 328 accident victims during this period and out of these 60 people died and 268 sustained injuries.

For the period of 15th may 2022 to 21st may 2022

A total of 341 accidents occurred during this period and out of these 59 accidents were fatal, 185 were serious and 97 were minor.


There were 325 accident victims during this period and out of these 68 people died and 257 sustained injuries.

The boda boda riders using the northern by pass are reminded to avoid using the upper road of the bypass this puts them at a high risk in case of an accident and the ladies using boda bodas should seat up right facing the rider instead of sideways.

We call upon the community to involve themselves in road safety we are distributing the toll free line stickers are to be displayed at all times in all psvs [taxi, coasters and buses] on our roads and the public is urged to use these toll free lines to report any traffic incidents together we can fight road crashes.

We remind the truck drivers that the license they operate under doesn’t permit them to carry people they should stop with immediate effect to ferry people on trucks.

We advise those transporting market vendors that the goods should be transported separately and the vendors should use psv to be transported to their market places avoid carrying them on the same truck with their goods any driver found violating the law will be arrested and taken to court.

Road safety tips.

1. Driving on the pavement or footpath or traffic island is prohibited.

2. On a two –way carriage having three or more lanes, the driver shall use the left lane except when over taking or otherwise indicated by road signs or road markings.

3. Vehicles of more than 3500kg maximum permissible weight must never exceed 80km/h speed.

4. A driver of a vehicle emerging from a path or an earth track on to a public road other than a path or an earth track shall give way to vehicles travelling on that road.

5. Don’t not park on the railway line and respect all road signage.

Traffic directorate reminds all road users to be vigilant while using the roads and the public can report traffic violation on our Toll free number Tel: 0800199099.


On 3rd June is martyrs day celebrations and the guidelines on the same are to be given by Sp Nsereko kmp traffic commander.






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