Traffic police introduces measures to curb indiscipline on the road

Traffic Alert

The Directorate will carry out the following measures to curb indiscipline on the road.

  1. Establishing barriers at identified black spots and speeding zones which will be manned day and night the check points will be manned 24 hours /7 days a week.
  2. Increase motorized patrols [vehicles and motor cycles]
  3. Strengthening operations on speeding using the already deployed speed guns.
  4. carrying out operations on reckless driving and other offences that are largely responsible for road carnage
  5. Ensuring that only competent drivers are on the roads by checking for validity of their driver’s license all drivers are reminded to drive on roads with a copy of a valid driving license.
  6. Enhance operations on bodaboda especially carrying more than one person on addition to the rider and riding a motor cycle without wearing a crash helmet on the road the operation is already on.
  7. We are re launching the fikasalama operations at our fikasalama check points which will operate 24 hours/7days.
  8. Enhance community policing which is already being done by the different officers in charge of traffic in the different parts of the country.


All offenders will be issued with express penalty ticket except for offences of failing to stop, drink drive, causing bodily injury where offenders and any repeated offenders will be produced in courts of law.

A total number of 40,760 traffic violators have been arrested and issued with EPS tickets on various traffic offences at various check points in the whole country from 01st to 31st MAY 2022 among these Speeding 1,855, Reckless driving 6,978 DMCs 8,979, Not wearing Seat belts 3,156, Invalid driving licenses 3,644, Driving without Third party insurance 3,403 among others.

Road safety tips.

  1. Be careful when opening the door of a vehicle it may hit someone.
  2. Never sit at the front if carrying a baby or young child.
  3. Vehicles of less than 3500kg maximum permissible weight must never exceed 100km/h speed.
  4. Wait for buses, taxis and bodabodas to pick you up at safe places such as a proper bus and taxi stops.
  5. Don’t travel in the back of trucks and vehicles meant to carry goods only.

Traffic directorate reminds all road users to be vigilant while using the roads and we call upon all road users to change their attitude while using the road.

The public can report traffic violation on our Toll free number Tel: 0800199099.








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