Traffic Guidelines for International Women’s Day Celebrations

Traffic Alert

There will be traffic disruption in most of the routes leading to Kololo Ceremonial Grounds.

Therefore, to ensure smooth traffic flow the following traffic guidelines will be put in place.

  • There will be normal Traffic flow along Kampala – Jinja Highway.
  • John Babiha Road (Acacia Avenue) will be cut off at City Oil Kamokya and Golf Course Traffic Lights.
  • Kololo Ceremonial grounds will have restricted access. Only invited guests with STICKERS will have access to their designated parking areas.
  • VIPS with STICKERS will use John Babiha (Acacia Avenue) to access the venue via Elgon Terrace and be dropped off at the Western Gate. Vehicles will park at Heroes Corner Parking.
  • Invited guests with STICKERS will access the venue through Upper Kololo Terrace. Vehicles will park at City High School.
  • Vehicles belonging to Service Providers, NOC with STICKERS will access the venue through Wampewo Avenue and park at the Green Belt near the Eastern Gate – Kololo.
  • Vehicles from Kololo residences unrelated to the function will be diverted at Upper Kololo -York Terrace and join Archer Road – Jinja Road to access the City.
  • Vehicles will not be allowed to off-load along Lower Kololo Terrace.
  • Heavy trucks, fuel trucks will not be allowed along the principal routes.
  • NO MOTOR CYCLE will be allowed beyond any of the cut off points.
  • Parking along the road or in any undesignated parking area in the areas of Kololo Ceremonial Grounds is prohibited. Motor vehicles parked or abandoned by the road side will be towed away to Jinja Road Police Station at the owner’s cost and inconvenience.
  • The general public is advised to cooperate with the Traffic Police to avoid inconvenience.
  • Enforcement of these traffic guidelines will be in accordance with the Traffic and Road Safety Act 1998 and as amended 2020.

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