Traffic guidelines to be followed on Martyrs’ day celebrations at Namugongo

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The following traffic guidelines will be followed during this year’s Martyrs’ day celebrations

  • There will be normal traffic flow along Jinja – Kampala Highway.
  • No private vehicles, taxis and motorcycles would be allowed beyond the police cut off points.
  • There will be No parking for the general public both at Catholic and Protestant (Anglican) Shrines.
  • VIPS to the Catholic Shrine will park at Namugongo Boarding Primary School and will access the venue through Semambo Road via Kyaliwajjala.
  • VIP’s to the Protestant Shrine will access the venue via Bweyogerere, Butto road and park at the play ground near the protestant Shrine.
  • Foreign Pilgrims will be dropped off at Kyaliwajjala Trading center and the vehicles will park at Vienna College School as will be directed by traffic police.
  • Pilgrims from Northern Bypass from areas of Ntinda, Hoima road and Bwaise will park at Hillside Nursery and Primary School and St. Peter’s S.S – Nalya.
  • Pilgrims from Northern route following Kira Town Council, will park at Kira Town Council playground and Kiira Municipal Council (Mayor’s) Gardens.
  • Pilgrims from Eastern Route will park at Namboole National Stadium (Open ground).
  • From Kyaliwajjala trading center to the venue will be pedestrian walk way. Pedestrians will keep right, the left side will be reserved for VVIPs and emergency vehicles. This will be separated by barriers.
  • As a way to regulate traffic flow, there will be cut off points in the following areas; Nalya Round about, Kireka Trading center, Kira Town Council Round about, Bweyogerere Trading Center, Seeta Trading Centre and Kyaliwajjala Trading centre.
  • The general public after parking in the gazetted areas earlier mentioned will use public means to the Shrines and be dropped off at the drop off points.
  • Vehicles with stickers will only go through the check points and access their respective parking as will be directed by the traffic police.
  • Buses carrying pilgrims from Namboole to Namugongo Catholic Shrine will access through Kireka trading center to Kyaliwajjala drop off point and will go back to Namboole via Nalya.
  • Buses to the Protestant Shrine will access it through Bweyogere – Butto Road to Namugongo drop off point and back to Namboole via Sonde.
  • Pilgrims from Kira Town Council will be dropped at Kyaliwajjala.Their vehicles will go back to Kiira Town Council via Nalya road and will turn right opposite Viena College.
  • Pilgrims from Nalya round about will be dropped off at Kyaliwajjala trading centre drop off point. They will follow Namugongo Road towards Kireka, join Northern by pass after Agenda 2000 and back to Nalya Round about.
  • Routes from Nalya to Kyaliwajjala, Kireka to Kyaliwajjala, Kiira Town Council to Kyaliwajjala and Bweyogerere to Butto road will be one way traffic heading towards Namugongo Shrines.
  • No parking of vehicles along the routes mentioned above. All vehicles found parked along the routes will be towed away at the owners costs and inconvenience.
  • All road users should adhere to the above traffic guidelines.
  • Those who contravene with the traffic rules and regulations will be dealt in accordance with the Traffic and road safety Act 1998.





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