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A total of 1,407 accidents were registered in the months  of September 2021, and out of these 229 people died and 1,054 people were injured in the whole  the whole country. The  main cause was speeding and reckless driving.

Therefore, the Directorate of Traffic and Road safety stubbornly continued to abuse the traffic laws by driving beyond maior  prescribed speed  and reckless riding of motor cycles Kampala areas and major highways.

This is to remind you of the section of the Traffic Act 1998[amendment ]2000 that governs speeding defines every person found quilty of speeding in excess of speed limits commits an offence and is  liable on conviction to a fine of not  less than 15 currency points [300,000/= and not exceeding sixty currency points [1,200,000/  or imprisonment of not less than six months and not exceeding two years or both.

Any person found contravening this section will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

Traffic directorate has toll free lines where the public can report indiscipline on the
roads it’s Tel: 0800199099.

Secondly On 22/09/2021 The president of the Republic of Uganda during the national
address on COVID 19 gave a directive on the release of motorcycles that were pending at the Police  stations to be released back to the owners. A total of 166 motorcycles have so far been given back to the owners,  others are still pending  at the stations these include those with serious offences and those whose owners have failed to prove ownership of the same.

Lastly the police are mandated to test all leaner drivers before acquiring a driving licence. There is a new format of paying for testing fees
for testing fees hich is as follows:

Go to URA portal, select e services, Select payments, Select tax head: Other NTR, Fill in your details

Details of the NTR payments
Select ministry/department/ agency select Uganda police

Category: select test fees
The amount is auto 25000/=
Proceed with the registration process.





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