Traffic Advisory as schools open for Term Two

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Uganda Police Force Congratutes parents and school going children upon successfully completing the first term holiday. As children return to school this week, we call upon the general public to strictly observe traffic regulations while using the roads and to report any indiscipline to the nearest Police checkpoint or Police Station.

Pedestrians and motorists are cautioned to be alert and vigilant and to be mindful of pupils/students crossing the roads at different points such as zebra crossings. Schools are also advised to monitor children crossings roads to access the school premises and assist them as much as is necessary.

Parents and learners and highly encouraged to use the available mobile money and other banking services to avoid inconveniences of carrying money physically, which may attract thieves especially for those who use commuter taxis and boda bodas to and from school.

UPF has deployed teams of traffic officers at different points to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and to manage cases of indiscipline by the road users. Express Penalties shall be issued to those who contravene these traffic guidelines. Already, an operation to recover EPS arrears is ongoing.


We can prevent road carnage and other serious accidents greatly if we are vigilant and observe traffic rules. As such, observing and respecting road signs is of high essence.


CP Polly Namaye

Deputy Spkesperson



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