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The 25th and 26th of March 2023 are days scheduled for First term visitation at St Mary’s kitende secondary school.

On the same note, the 25th of the same month and year,Taiba schools Bwebajja will be having co curricular activities within their premises. (sports day)

We are also having a *FISH FARMING EXPO AT AQUACULTURE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER* Kajjansi near Medical Stores that is starting on the 24th – 26th .

Immense traffic is anticipated along Kampala – Entebbe Highway.We therefore advise that motorists heading to kitende secondary school consider the following routes to have the same contained.

1.Those from Kampala side get to kajjansi Road about take express way, before reaching kajjansi Toll plaza,branch off to the left ,join kawoto Road and proceed to the school,

2.Those from Entebbe side get to Bwebajja stabex Petro station branch off to the left via kitende Modern primary school then proceed to the school and use the same for a return journey.

3. From school others to exit via st Mary’s junction kitende (Mulindwaz junction)to the highway proceed to mpala then join Express way for those heading back to Kampala.(Exit route)

4. Kajjansi round about – kajjansi trading center take kowoto Road and proceed to the school ( Entry )

5.Those from Munyonyo side, get to the Roundabout then follow route one(1)

6.For those heading to Taiba schools, Express way from Kampala -mpala-kisubi -Namuland Bwebajja to the school and and same route for a return journey.

*We* *regret* *any* *inconveniences* *caused* .


Kajjansi** **Traffic** **Management**

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