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The Territorial Police in Katonga Region and Mpigi CPS, have in custody a one Swaibu Murundi, a 43 year old, traditional healer of Butamba village, Kayabwe Town Council, in Mpigi district for the Aggravated Defilement of 5 girl victims aged 16,15,15,14, and 12; since 2020 up to date. The girl victims are all school going pupils and students. Additional charges of incent against his biological daughters aged 16,15, 14 and 12 are being prefeined. The 5th girl victim, is a daughter to his close friend, whom he victimized, while paying school fees, for her.

The victims had all along kept quite after their father/guardian, threatened to bewitch and kill them using witchcraft. The suspect lived in a well-fenced premise, sitted on 2 aches, that was restricted to the public. The home has 3 gates and his clients, used one gate that led to the traditional shrines. His cottage where he slept, was isolated. It was a traditional practice for him to have carnal knowledge, with is daughters once they clocked 12 years. The sexual act would thereafter, become routine. Every evening, the victims would gather at a fire place for rituals, eat food and then proceed to their father or guardian’s cottage, for the sexual act. The suspect separated with the biological mothers of his 4 daughters.

The police continues to strongly condemn acts of defilement of girl victims by their fathers and guardians. It is an abomination and act of betrayal by parents and guardians, who are role models and supposed to protect their children and promote their well-being.

We would like to thank the D/RDC, DPC, DISO, CID, CFPU and the Probation Office for their hard work during the operation against Child Sexual Violence and exploitation. The arrest should serve as a warning to those who harm children and use them as sex objects.




SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

13th May 2024




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