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The Territorial Police in West Nile Region and Koboko CPS, are investigating the theft of newly born female twin, from Koboko General Hospital which occurred on the 29.03.2024 at around 8pm. The matter was reported to police, after 5 days on the 3.04.2024. The facts gathered indicate that on the 21.03.2024 at around 9:40am, a one Afekum Baifa, gave birth by ceaserian to twins, a boy and a girl, and she was being helped by Chandiru Beatrice, a 47 year old peasant of Drimu cell, Godia Ward in Koboko Municipality. While she was asleep, her helper was called by Drateru Jelly, a midwife, to escort her to the placenta pit and pour urine and the discarded placenta. Upon her return, she found when the female twin was missing. A search was conducted in Hospital in vain and the neighbourhood, till the 3.04.2024, when the father of the parents of the victim Asiku Richard, a 43 year old, peasant of Atongoro cell, Maracha Town Council and his wife Afekum Baifa, a 32 year old, reported the matter to police. It is against Medical Ethics and Protocols to involve patients and non-staff in nursing and midwifery roles.

It is every mother’s nightmare, to have her newly born baby stole, in hospitals, and from homes. It is still common in hospitals, where suspects literally, go “window shopping” in maternity wards and target new mothers especially those that are operated on by ceaserian section. They befriend the new mother or their helper, offering to carry their babies or other favors. In this very respect the helper or attendant was lured away, while the new mother, was asleep, and the baby stolen.

A total of eleven suspects, who form part of the Hospital staff were summoned statements recorded from them. These include; Lamiru Lois, aged 50, the midwife in charge Maternity, Muzaki Caroline, aged 28, a midwife, Ada James, aged 53, a security guard, Dricilu Esther, aged 33, Deputy in-charge security, Drate Simon Adronga, aged 52, a Medical Doctor, Leila Zamzam, aged 30, a businesswoman, Drateru Herry, aged 47, a midwife, Ayoka Hamid, aged 44m a security guard, Abiriga Augusto Alionzi, aged 42, a Hospital Admin, Mungunira Jimmy, aged 47, a Medical Doctor and Chandiru Beatrice, a 47 year house wife and helper. The case file was submitted to the RSA-Koboko for perusal and legal guidance.

Efforts are in place to trace and recover the stolen baby, as we caution new mothers to be wary of strangers, some of whom are thieves, targeting their babies. We would also like to remind Hospital Managers, to strengthen measures at Maternity Wards, that protect new mothers and their children.

SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

8th April 2024




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