The JTF Clarifies on Internal communication Gone Viral 

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We would like to call the attention of the public to a few inaccuracies in our internal communication to all territorial commanders dated 20.05.2020, giving additional guidelines on the enforcement of the Covid-19 lockdown.

The unfortunate part of it is that the communication was wrongly circulated to our external publics and went viral. It is therefore, misleading the public against the recent directives and guidelines issued by H.E the President, on the lockdown exit strategy.

The public is urged to dismiss the false and misleading information about the use of public and private vehicles, as well as the activation of selected businesses.

We do maintain that all general merchandise shops outside malls, hotels and restaurants, and the use of private vehicles will resume on the 26.05.2020. We wish to add that all taxis, buses and minibuses will resume operations at 50% capacity in 95 districts that are not along the borders on 4.06.2020. All members of the public will wear face masks.

Our external publics are advised to exercise caution while circulating any information meant for our internal administrative use.






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