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We continue with the lockdown and curfew provisions, aimed at curbing the transmission rates of COVID-19.  And today 28.06.2021 marks day 10 of the 42 day lockdown, which gives us a balance of 32 days to the end of the lockdown. During the week of 20th to 27th, a total of 4993 new cases of COVID-19 were registered, 189 fatalities, and a total of 1600 patients recovered from COVID-19.  This shows a slight reduction in both new cases and fatalities.

What is encouraging is that this week, the nationwide vaccination exercise continues in various parts of the country.  At the time it stopped, the response from the public was very good.  The health experts do highly recommend all those that are not vaccinated, even those previous COVID-19 victims (since its not known how long one is protected from getting sick after recovery), to get the vaccine because it gives one the opportunity to extend their protection.  For those who are hesitant and over-estimating their immunity, they should know that the virus has the potential of breaking through natural immunities.

However, we should not lose hope and it is at this point that we would like to remind each and everyone, that the best strategy still remains PREVENTION.  Altogether, our health and medical experts continue to encourage people to effectively practice social distancing, wear masks in public, and washing their hands with soap to avoid exposure.

Unfortunately, up to now, we still have some members of the public who are complacent and see the preventive SOPs as an over-reaction, yet they are very simple and straight. As a result, some members of the public are still engaging in high risk behaviors of; using boda bodas as passengers {early mornings, late evenings, and in remote areas}, motorists both private and public who fall outside the essential category, continue to violate the ban on their movements, non-essential businesses remain open past the curfew time, pedestrians move while maskless in public etc. We also want to seriously warn LC1 chairpersons for abusing their power by issuing local clearance letters, for non-essential movements and or emergencies. All confiscated letters are to be forwarded to the Inter Agency Task Force for a way forward.

During the course of last week, a total of 1445 people were arrested for flouting the lockdown and curfew provisions, out of these 766 lockdown offenders were cautioned, 490 released on police bond, pending 81 and 108 charged to court. In addition, a total of 633 motor vehicles were impounded, out of which 283 were issued with EPS tickets, 306 were cautioned, 38 pending, unclaimed 04. Also impounded were 3884 motorcycles, out of which 2706 were issued with EPS tickets, 398 are still pending, while 48 are still unclaimed.

Therefore, in a bid to fight the covid-19 pandemic, we continue to make adjustments in our enforcement measures, with the use of snap and impromptu checkpoints targeting motorists, working closely with KCCA, other City Authorities and URA to blacklist all non-essential business operating; imposing heavier fines and penalties on people holding gatherings etc.  The stop and search operations against lockdown offenders are still ongoing.

The public should know that the strict lockdown measures, like in many other countries, are aimed at tackling the spared of COVID-19. We urge them to remain extra vigilant and avoid events that are super spreaders.


CP Fred Enanga

Police Spokesperson

28th June 2021



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