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During this past week, the country registered a further reduction in the number of average daily cases for corona virus.  The number of hospitalisations since 28th June, now stands at 4243 with 188 fatalities, and 3169 recoveries.  While the trend looks promising the case numbers are still high; as well as the fatalities.  All in all, the improvement is attributed to the concerted efforts by our health workers in treating COVID-19 patients and getting them discharged, and increased vigilance by the public.

How the scenario unfolds in the next remaining period of the lockdown is very crucial.  We are now 17 days into the 42 day lockdown, which probably means us keeping safe and maintaining what we are doing successfully for another 25 days.  However, we still have places like Kampala, Mukono, Wakiso, all new Cities, Municipalities and major towns etc, where infections still exist in double figures or hundreds.  The public should know that the virus only moves when infectious people move, which requires strict observance of the health SOPs and getting vaccinated.

We are aware the vaccination process is still slow due to limited vaccines, which makes all those that are not yet vaccinated, susceptible to infection.  We call upon the public to be more cautious and avoid engaging in riskier activities and movements until when they are vaccinated.  A number of counties in Europe, including Israel, have a adequately rolled out the vaccines, which has enabled them to stop wearing masks in public end physical distancing and return to a some what normal life.

We want to thank all Ugandans who have gotten the vaccine, those who are observing the health SOPs, those who are testing for COVID-19 (even where symptoms may not show), those who are using tested remedies like COVIDEX.  It is from such positive behaviour and responsiveness that we can contain the deadly virus in this second wave.

We should therefore, not interrupt the lockdown because every time we fail to slow the spread of COVID-19, it comes back with a high price.  Instead let us stand as one community, and protect our country by strictly observing the health protocols and extra vigilance.

However, this is not the case, we have people who have given up due to the lockdown Fatigue.   They have returned to their lives and are mindless of the SOPs.  In the course of last week a total of 1425 persons were arrested countrywide for flouting the lockdown and curfew provisions, 825 were cautioned 164 released on police bond, 116 pending court and 320 charged to court; then 786 motor vehicles were impounded, out of which 497 were issued with EPs tickets, 134 motorists were cautioned and their cars released, 155 are still parked/unclaimed; a total of 4314 motor cycles were impounded, out of which 2878 were issued with EPs tickets, 935 riders were cautioned and their motorcycles released, while 501 motorcycles are still parked or unclaimed.

We continued to enforce the stringent lockdown measures because it works.  Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Joint Task Force has played a crucial role in supporting the Ministry of Health regulations, to help control the disease and promote a safer community. And now with the additional tools of enforcement in form punishments under the New Public Health Orders, we shall be arresting people moving maskless in public, escapees from isolation or quarantine centres, stealthly opening banned activities, non-essential motor vehicles, hawking and street vending, selling of non-food items, who are all liable to imprisonment for a period not exceeding two months.

The only way to avoid any disruptions and inconveniences is to behave responsibly, limit movements and gatherings as guided.  Remember as Law Enforcement, we have a duty to protect the lives of all Ugandans and visitors to the country.  Therefore, there is nothing wrong with stricter enforcement for the good of our citizens.


CP Fred Enanga

Police Spokesperson

5th July 2021

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