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The recent video which captured thugs armed with pangas and housebreaking implements, was purely an attempted burglary and not linked to the vicious killings in Masaka and Lwengo.  While our Directorates for ICT and Forensic services are analyzing the Private CCTV footages, we wish to applaud, a one Kayemba Paul Sempijja, the owner of the home in Kibwa, Nabweru in Nansana Municipality, for installing deterrent devices against burglaries and related thugs.   In this very respect, the intelligent alarm system went off after detecting a breach at 3am, and this deterred the armed thugs from breaking into their premises.

The public should know that most gangs of thieves and assailants are opportunists, who tend to avoid difficult break-ins because they are likely to attract attention.  Some of the top deterrents for burglars are CCTV cameras, dogs, motion-activated security lights, strong heavy doors and walls, alarms, strong neighborhood watch designated areas, cars parked in garages, etc.  These help to reinforce the home security.

We want to encourage members of the public, all homeowners and residents to embrace such deterrents to avoid going through the trauma of having your house broken into, thus depriving you of your property and endangering your life.  The financial and emotional impact of such losses on individuals and families is huge.

Despite the alarm, the victims did not alert the nearest police.  Having the contacts of the nearest security unit or local leaders helps in countering such burglars.  The viral video also helps remove the myth that burglars are usually rag-tagged, as these ones, were smartly dressed with house-breaking skills.


CP Fred Enanga

Police Spokesperson

6th September 2021


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