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Police, this morning received information from very credible sources that a wanted terrorist of German origin, Mueller alias Ahmed Khaled, entered the country yesterday, Tuesday, 01/10/2013.


He entered the country from Limulu, Kenya and travelled to Kampala, Uganda, aboard a Kaliita bus, Reg. NO. KBF 057N. He was dropped off at some point along Jinja Road in Kampala.

We need to remind the public that this terrorist, Mueller alias Ahmed Khaled, was given wide publicity when, last year, in January 2012 he, together with another terrorist, Erdogon were reported to be in Uganda.  Later, Erdogan travelled to Tanzania, but was arrested by the Tanzania security forces there.


We are giving wide publicity to the picture of Mueller alias Ahmed Khaled.  Whoever sees anyone with features resembling the person in the picture, you should report, immediately to the nearest police station /post/booth/mobile patrol or a security officer or LC official in the vicinity.  We have, also, established at our call centre the following hotlines: 0800199699, 0800199399 and 0714667743.


As the Police, together with sister security agencies, hunt down this individual, we again call upon the public to take our terror alerts seriously, exercise vigilance at your place of work, business, leisure, residence, and during movement, as we guided you in our earlier alert.  We have begun a campaign which must be sustained, to ensure that our country is hardened against terror attacks, and the active role of each and every one of you is critical.  


Gen. Kale Kayihura


Inspector General of Police



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