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The joint task team that is investigating criminal acts of terrorism, has today 21st January 2022 charged more 3 suspects to Buganda Road Court with 1 count of Belonging to a terrorism organization (ADF), & 3 counts of Aiding and Abetting terrorism.

The charged suspects include;

  • Nabukenya Jalia Mujabirina, alia Butambika, alias Mama Bumali, F/a 59 years, a Tazanian by Nationality, a hawker, resident of kikubankima village in Mukono District,
  • Muwonge Faisal M/a 18 years Muganda, salesperson, resident of Nalukolongo , Rubaga Division in Kampala,
  • Nabukenya Julia F/a 23 years, businesswoman, resident of Nalukolongo, Rubaga Division Kampala.

It is alleged that the above 3 named suspects on the 12th day of October 2021 at Ssimba village in Butambala District, aided Bukenya Badru (still at large) to convey information and communication to Kayongo Abbas, knowing or having reason to believe that such support will be applied, or used for, or in connection with the preparation, or commission, or instigation of acts of terrorism.

Investigations further revealed that Nabukenya Jaria in the month of October at Nalukolongo in Kampala District aided and rendered support to Bukenya Badru an ADF recruit, to keep assorted terrorist clothes including a suicide vest, knowing that such support will be applied in the commission of terrorism.

In a similar development the joint task team has also charged 4 suspects with 3 counts of terrorism, 2 counts of Aiding and Abetting terrorism, and 1 count of Belonging to a terrorism organization (ADF).

The 4 charged suspects are appearing on an amended charge sheet where 15 other suspects had earlier been charged with the same charges on 23rd December 2021.

The 4 suspects include;

  • Kiryowa Jamadha Afua Wakida M/A 41 years karamajong, businessman resident of Namakoni Village Buwambo Parish, Gombe Subcounty Wakiso District,
  • Ssebunya Hassan M/a 24 years muganda by tribe a boda boda operator resident of lweza B kajansi Town Council Wakiso District,
  • Musunguzi Sadiq M/a 18yrs Munyankole by tribe, student, resident of Lweza B kajansi Town Council Wakiso District,
  • Bbumba Ammer alias Umar M/a 27 years Muganda by tribe, self-employed, resident of Nakigalala kifene village, kajansi Town Council Wakiso District.

The charges came about after vigorous investigations have been conduct following the senseless attacks on unsuspecting members of public and Police officers that resulted into death and injuries to several people by ADF terrorist in Kampala and others places in the country.

Investigations were conducted systematically, logically, and upon completion of the investigations, the Director of Public Prosecutions perused and evaluated the evidence, and took a legal opinion that the evidence on record was sufficient enough to warrant prosecution of the suspects, and consented to the charges accordingly.

Uganda police would like to reiterate our commitment to standing together with the citizenry of Uganda, against terrorism and other violent crimes that cause threat, damage or death to people as well as destabilizing peace and security.

Terrorism is criminal and unjustifiable, regardless of its motivation, wherever, whenever and by whomever commits it. Terrorism in all its forms and manifestation constitutes to one of the serious threats to international peace and security, and Uganda is not immune to such abhorrent acts.

The joint task team therefore, condemn in the strongest terms all the deplorable acts of terrorism, their agents and proxies, but we would like to reaffirm Ugandans and visitors of our counter terror strategies, and that with the nature of the Anti-Crime infrastructure we have established, Robust & proficient Intelligence system, inter-agency cooperation and above all the cooperation from the members of public, the despicable acts of terrorism shall be dealt with decisively, so that Ugandans can enjoy peace and foster development.

It is only when we come together, that we can prevent and deter all acts of violent extremism including terrorism.

Protect and serve


Twine Mansio Charles




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