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We have received credible information that a terror group, the Al Shabab, is planning an attack in Uganda targeting such vulnerable places as hotels, malls, markets, parks, etc in the city.
This is to assure the public that the police, together with sister security agencies, have taken measures to ensure the security and safety of the city and the country against this, and other terror plans. Note the recent successes we achieved against terrorism and violent criminality in eastern Uganda in the last three months.
As we do this, however, we call upon members of the public, as usual to cooperate with security agencies by being vigilant and looking out for any suspicious individuals, including women/girls, e.g. Individuals putting on overcoats/kabuti when it is nit cold or appearing to be hiding something; or suspicious objects, e.g. objects placed in unusual places or with extended wires. You should immediately report such persons and / or objects to the nearest police station/post/ booth/ officer, any security officer, or LC official. We shall issue details guidelines giving tips on detecting suspected terrorists and terror objects.
Private security companies guarding especially public places must be more serious in checking persons, vehicles accessing those places.
Otherwise, there is no cause for panic and fear. I have no doubt that with the vigilance of the public and the time- tested effectiveness of our security forces we shall once again defeat even this latest, desperate attempt by evil forces to disturb the peace, security, and the undoubted strides in social- economic development of our people and country. We have defeated them before. We shall defeat them again.

Gen Kale Kayihura
Inspector General of Police

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