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The Joint Task Team of security experts from CID, Crime Intelligence, Forensics, IT and KMP Territorial Units continue to investigate the tragic murder by shooting of Isma Ibrahim Tusubira alias Olexis alias Jaja Iculi video blogger, music and political analyst, which occurred on the 6.05.2023 at around 9:15pm, near his home at Kyanja Central Zone.

Our task teams are continuing to gather evidence and interview witnesses to help determine the circumstances of the case. What we can confirm is that it was not a random attack but a targeted incident, where two assailants armed with one pistol, emerged from their hide-out near his gate, and fired multiple shots, killing him instantly from the passenger seat. His driver, Wasswa Mathias remained unscathed, without any injuries despite the bullets, which riddled the driver’s side. He is still in protective custody with 2 other suspects, helping out with certain lines of inquiry. The two assailants escaped on foot up to the main road and got away on a motor cycle that was waiting for them. The K9 dog stopped at that point. One glove was also recovered by the K9.

We are also reviewing the entire movement of the victim, and his driver from Munyonyo at around 4pm, via the Entebbe Expressway, the stop over and dinner at Nyakana’s bar in Mutungo, where they left at around 8:15pm, for his home. We have established, that along the way, the victim received a phone call, and asked the driver to park aside near Munyonyo round about, so as to wait for the person behind the phone call. He did not appear and they drove on. They reached the gate to the victim’s residence at around 9:15pm, where they were attacked and the victim shot dead. It’s not clear whether the caller is linked to the masterminds of the murder or not, but our investigations will establish in due course.

At this stage, the motive of the murder is yet to be established. The rampant speculation about the murder, by different bloggers, netizens, the media, continues to do a disservice to the family and the public, because it put outs versions that have not been verified. Although, some of his videos were controversial, we are yet to establish, whether his murder is related to his social media work or other motives.

Our thoughts continue to be with his immediate family, friends, relatives and all well wishers who were affected by the sad incident. Our task team is working diligently in trying to identify the persons responsible for the violent murder and bring them to book.




SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

8th May 2023



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