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The Joint Security Agencies, have taken over a suspect arrested by the territorial police at Abaita Ababiri, for alleged subversive activities after he was found in possession of a machete, and a list of telephone contacts of different people at Abaita Ababiri, Nkumba, Katabi Town Council, Wakiso District.  The suspect, identified as King’s Star, Luganda Lexis, aged 26, and resident of Mabirizi village in Masaka. According to the preliminary facts, the suspect and others still at large, have been planning on how to stalk, attack, injure or maim their targeted persons in the area.  He was apprehended while in possession of a dangerous weapon, acquired with an intent to kill, injure a maim residents in Abaiba Ababiri.

The task team of investigators is also trying to establish, any linkages between the suspect and 5 deadly new hammers, weighing 10 Kgs each, that were recovered, from a banana plantation, in Kitubulu cell, while hidden at different points. Of recent, several anonymous letters threatening selected individuals and the community in Abaita Ababiri were recovered, and 4 suspects behind the anonymous threats, charged to court.

As the Joint Security Agencies, we want to assure the public that there is no place for such perpetrators of senseless violence.  Like we have always done, we shall enforce action against all actors of violence and subversive activities, to the fullest extent of the law; and hold perpetrators accountable for these crimes, which promote fear and inflict harm, on selected individuals and the respective community.

We remain committed to ensuring that those responsible for subversive crimes and all forms of violent extremism are brought to book.

CP Fred Enanga

Police Spokesperson

20th Sept. 2021


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