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The Territorial Police in Kibaale, has in custody a Technician, identified as Asiimwe Alex, a 38-year-old resident of Muraza village, Karama sub-county, Kibaale district, for the gruesome murder by hacking of Tibalyewa Tanasi, a 56-year-old peasant farmer of Muraza village, who had made a fortune out of farming.  The facts gathered indicate that on the 16.04.2022 at around 11am, the victim took his motorcycle for repair at Kitutu trading centre.  After the repair, he was approached by Abigaba Maureen, a 19-year-old businessman, who wanted tomatoes from his garden. He carried her on the motorcycle and they rode towards his home.

Unfortunately, they met Asiimwe Alex, along the way to Muraza village, while armed with a panga and stick.  He attacked them and tried to cut the victim but missed.  They however, fell off the motorcycle and immediately, the suspect followed the victim and hacked him twice to the head with the panga, killing him instantly.  The female victim Abigaba Maureen, raised an alarm which attracted residents.  They mounted a search and arrested the suspect whom they handed over to police.


We strongly condemn such acts of brutality.  The suspect in this case was rife with jealousy and rage over the fortune that the victim made out of farming. He had plotted several attempts to murder the victim.  The act was therefore, pre-meditated and motivated by jealously.  The suspect is being processed on charges of Murder and Attempted Murder.

Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

19th April 2022


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