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Today the morning of 4th September 2021, social media platforms were a wash with a video of a group of thugs armed with Pangas and breaking implements , who supposedly had attacked a home in Nansana Municipality, Wakiso District.

Immediately, various officers in charge of the different police stations, under Nansana Division, were contacted to establish if such an incident occurred and whether any of them had received any such information.
It was however established that no such incident had been reported anywhere with in the division.

A few hours later, the Division Crime Intelligence officer received information from the defence secretary of Nabweru North, who informed him that indeed thugs armed with Pangas and breaking implements had attacked premises of Paul Kayemba Sempijja in Nabweru North II, Kibwa in Nansana Municipality.

Immediately investigations were instituted and it has been established that this early morning at 3am a group of four men armed with pangas and breaking implements jumped over the perimeter fence and accessed the premises of Paul Kayemba in Kibwa, Nansana Municipality.
The premises have 11 residential rooms and have CCTV installed in the compound and at the gate.

As soon as they were in the compound, an alarm system alerted the residents who also made a verbal alarm prompting the thugs to take off.

It was further been established that the small gate which also gives access to the premises had not been locked and the thugs used the small gate to run away.

It is also not true that the police were informed of the incident as social media reports the victims themselves admit they didn’t inform the police.
They only tried to call the area defense secretary, but their repeated call went unanswered.

No property was stolen and no person was harmed as the thugs took off having sensed that their presence had been detected.
Efforts are underway to have the suspects arrested and prosecuted.
We also want to advise members of the public to remain vigilant and report any such incidents through calling their nearest police stations.

ASP Luke Owoyesigyire,
Deputy PRO KMP

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