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As you are all aware, today 24.01.2022, marks the full re-opening of the economy, after a period of over 20 months.  This is vital for businesses and sectors such as culture, hospitality and the night economy, for their continuity and survival, as per the roadmap of the country.  It marks the beginning of night life and its journey to rebuild itself.  It includes a wide range of activity in towns and city centres between the hours of 7pm and 6am, including pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants, retail, cinemas, theatres, concerts and transport.  It is therefore, an important driver for tourism, leisure and business growth within towns, cities and rural areas.

Already there is a high demand for night clubs, and social entertainment, bars and saunas as well as unrestricted movement for motorists.  Everyone is excited.  However, we should be keen to adhere to the health and safety protocols required to reduce the spread of the virus.  Simply because mask wearing and social distancing requirements are very lax in night clubs, bars and discos.

The re-opening comes with an increase in numbers of new cases.  Therefore, it is important that we carefully manage the re-opening in the safest possible way.  These include ventilation systems in all venues, sanitation stations, throughout all clubs, increased frequency of cleaning schedules and the deployment of highly trained staff, who are well versed in crowd management controls.

The curfew restrictions on movement of bodabodas, were moved from 6pm to 7pm.  To avoid any inconveniences and disruptions, the public, riders and passengers of bodabodas and motorcycles are reminded to observe the new curfew provisions. Otherwise the bodaboda enforcement operations are still on.  All revelers must be keen and take into consideration, their travel arrangements when moving at night.  This is because the movement of bodabodas is still restricted from 5:30am to 7pm.

Away from the challenges of COVID-19, we wish to remind all the re-opened sectors about the threat of terrorism, posed by individual actors and small groups inspired primarily by ADF.  Some of these hangout places are soft targets.  Although we have greatly disrupted some of the real threats posed by these terrorists, they still remain determined on causing harm to Ugandans and other citizens in the country, which calls for extra vigilance as we go about our daily activities.

CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

24th January 2022


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