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As we enter day 6, of the 14 day dusk to dawn curfew and wider partial lockdown, we would like to start by wishing all Christians in Uganda a happy Palm Sunday.

And further inform the public that as we continue to monitor the behavior of the population we have noticed that there are still a few people taking risks by; failing to stay at home, violating the ban on public gatherings of not more than 5 people, defying the ban on passenger travel especially on bodabodas and use of private vehicles, illegally holding prayers and violating the dusk to dawn curfew (where pedestrians walk past 7pm; all persons jogging along the public roads and highways in groups , especially along the Northern bypass, Muyenga , Munyonyo, Kyanja, Kiwatule, Kisasi, Ntinda and others from Kireka, Seeta, Kirinya, Bweyogerere, and  Kiira and Kyaliwajjala, who gather at Namboole parking areas,  and shops in suburbs continue operating past 7pm). We would like to issue a serious warning to these rule breakers, that we won’t hesitate taking tougher action against them.

For instance, on the 4/04/2020, in close coordination with KCCA, we enforced the closure of Kalerwe market and part of Nakawa market due to public health and safety concerns. In Rukungiri, we impounded 4 bodobodas for flouting the curfew. In Buikwe District, we engaged and even dispersed gatherings of more than 15 persons in several places. These included;  Namengo, where several people were found gathered in compounds drinking alcohol. In Geregere, we encountered youth playing ludo and pool table, in groupings of more than 20, who hurled stones at officers on duty. The same applied to communities at Ngogwe and at Najja sub counties and at the landing site of Muyobwe in  Ssi –Bukunja sub county.

We also arrested 5 persons who were trying to defy the ban on border movement, when they attempted to cross into the DRC. These included Muhindo Brian, Thembo Fransio, Muhindo Eric, Mbambu Salange and Mbambu Rose who attempted to sue ungazetted spot. On the 3/04/2020, at around  4pm, police in Soroti raided Ebenezer Prayer Alter Church and arrested the church leader, Pastor Ojiman Jimmy, a 71 year old, male adult, together with 41 of his followers (9 male, 32 females) after they were found holding prayers in church, at Akisim cell, Eastern Division, Soroti Municipality/District .

These kinds of behavior are irresponsible and have the potential of escalating the spread of the coronavirus, by them carrying the disease with them, back to their homes; thus putting the lives of other people including family at risk. Let us all refrain from indulging in such uncontrolled social environments.

We want to thank the majority of Ugandans and visitors, who are staying home and observing the health and safety guidelines within their homes. They are further guided to encourage other members of the public, especially the elderly and those persons with pre-existing health conditions like TB, cancer, HIV AIDS, to stay at home.

We should all have it in mind that the degree of compliance to the health and safety guidelines by the community and also how we enforce the pandemic, will determine its duration in our country. Therefore let’s continue observing the zero contact campaign in all our engagements.

The public should be assured that the Joint Security Task Force shall continue using legal and appropriate methods of work, to keep our Country and all Ugandans safe.






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