Statement on the arrest of suspected motorcycle thieves and recovery of suspected stolen Motorcycles

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Following increased theft of Motorcycles in areas of Wakiso, the territorial Police at Nsangi carried out an intelligence-led operation from 10th-11th Aug/2022 and arrested six suspected motorcycle thieves.

Notably among them is one is Muyingo Brian 26, an online marketer and resident of Kinawa zone, Kasenge Ward, Kyengera Town Council who was arrested with one suspected stolen Motorcycle UEY 444Y.

A search was conducted at his place of residence and one Motorcycle Registration Number UFC 521M Bajaj, two number plates UEY 649Y and UED 711X and suspected forged Motorcycle documents were recovered.

Five other suspects were arrested from areas of Kinawa, Kalerwe, Budo and Kasenge who led us to a recovery of six suspected stolen Motorcycles with the following registration numbers UES 229U, UFF 624V, UEY 444 Y, UFC 521M, UFD 864A and UFB 113 W.

We are yet to verify ownership of the said Motorcycles but all suspects are currently detained at Nsangi Police station as investigations into the matter continue.

However preliminary investigations indicate that the suspects steal these Motorcycles and forge number plates as well as documents which they later sell to unsuspecting customers.

More details will be availed as soon as possible.


ASP Luke Owoyesigyire

Deputy PRO KMP


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