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We wish to inform the public that the End of Year and New Year celebrations, were spread out in more than 3000 venues across the country, that included 1618 fireworks displays, were generally successful, apart from a tragic incident that occurred at Freedom City, Namasuba, where 10 people died from a stampede. Apart from the unfortunate incident, it was peacefully celebrated in all the other parts of the country.


This New Year, we would like to start by thanking all Ugandans and visitors in the country, who supported the Joint Security Agencies, in the cardinal role of protecting and serving Ugandans. We encourage you all to remain law abiding and vigilant at the same time. Uganda remains one of the most beautiful countries to live in, despite the current economic situation, which is part of a global economic challenge. As a country, we can all achieve much in 2023, if we work together.


During the New Year operations, the Joint Security Agencies, remained vigilant throughout the two-day period. We targeted hotspot areas, increased our visibility and operational activity, across all jurisdictions. As part of our campaign, we specifically repeat offenders, and criminal gangs that targeted revellers and churchgoers, leaving venues to return to their homes.


All crimes from murder (12), Murder by mob (03), Murder by shooting with a bow and arrow (01), Attempted Murder by Shooting (02), Attempted Murder in general (02), Aggravated Robber (02), Rashard Neglect (01), Suicide by hanging (02), Theft by an SAR Riffle (01), Death by drowning (01) Arson (01) and Threatening Violence (01), were at their lowest levels. But we still made some arrests to send a clear message to offenders and habitual criminals, that we will hunt them and charge them to court, for preying on vulnerable members of our society. We commit to continue working with the public and other private partners, to fight crime and promote safety and security.




SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson


2nd January 2023

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