Statement on Lira murder incident

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The territorial police in Lira-City West Division have recorded a suspected murder case on 5th Feb 2024, which occurred at Areco cell, Amuca ward in Lira-City West Division at around 1230 hours.

The case was reported to the police by Okello Ataha Denis, a 35-year-old boda-boda rider and resident of the same area.

It is alleged that the deceased, Adoch Evaline, 39 years old, and the suspect, Odongo Patrick, aged 42 years old, a resident of Adyel-Omwodo village, OT-Kwac parish, Alito Sub-County in Kole District, were formerly married with five children.

However, the couple separated a year ago due to domestic problems, and Adoch went back to her parents with the children until 03rd Feb 2024 when Odongo followed them, urging her to return home, which she declined.

On 05th Feb 2023, the parents of the deceased called for a meeting to resolve their matters, but it ended in failure. Instead, Odongo picked up a hoe handle and struck Adoch on the head during the confrontation, killing her instantly.

A team of police officers from Lira-City West Division Police Station, led by OC CID, responded to the scene with the homicide team, SOCO, and other officers. The deceased’s body was discovered lying in a pool of blood, and it was conveyed to Lira Regional Referral Hospital’s Mortuary pending postmortem.

The case has been registered as murder at Lira-City West Division under CRB:135/2024. Ongoing efforts are being made to trace and arrest the suspect. Authorities appeal to anyone with information about the suspect’s whereabouts to inform the police.

The suspect is also advised to surrender himself to the nearest police facility for statement recording to support ongoing investigations.

SP Patrick Okema

PRO North Kyoga Region

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