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On May 2, 2024, the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces, through their 4th Infantry Division Public Information Office, cautioned individuals wearing military outfits bearing UPDF imprints, such as warm suits, jackets, ranger boots, berets, caps, porches, backpacks/camel backs, among others, to cease immediately.

On April 22, 2024, the Uganda Police Force, through the National Police Spokesperson, issued a directive to Private Security Organizations, Bouncers Associations, Political groups, and individuals, who are using Police uniforms and rank insignia (PIPS), stating it’s illegal, and they must stop immediately.


On September 1, 2023, the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces, through their Defence Spokesperson, expressed concern over civilians wearing military insignia, such as berets, lanyards, and clothing, urging them to surrender such items to security authorities and cease usage.


The Uganda Police Force, through its Public Relations Officers and Community Liaison Officers, has conducted television and radio talk shows urging individuals possessing items reserved for security forces to surrender them to local authorities or the nearest police station.


Consequently, after getting court order security agencies have initiated an intelligence-led operation, cordoning off offices, residences, shops, and other places where such items may be present.


The objectives of this operation include cordoning off areas, conducting searches in targeted premises, collecting all items reserved for security forces, prosecuting suspects found with such items, and restoring order.

Today a total of 05 suspects were arrested.

Suspects arrested include,,

1.Hon.Nyeko Derick Mp Makindye East

2.Katuruntu Geoffrey, a Councillor

3.Waswa Musoke Hassan aged 18yrs old a shop attendant at Costume world tailoring shop and resident of kimwanyi zone, Wandegeya parish, Kawempe division, Kampala district

4.Bukenya Joseph aged 32yrs old a cleaner at bobi wine’s home in magere and resident of magere, kyadondo East county in wakiso district.

5.Biiso Marvin m/a aged 18yrs old a phone cover seller and resident of Namungoona, kampala district.

The following items were recovered upon search from;

Hon.Nyeko Derick

1.Desert military shoes

2.Police shoes black in colour

3.An Overall resembling that of Counter Terrorism, with the UG flag badge

Katuruntu Geoffrey

1.A red Beret

Tushemera Monica’s house

✓Red berets

✓Red NUP attires accompanied with police ranks

Ronnie Gun’s shop

✓One live PK bullet

✓Four (04) army look alike trousers

✓Two (02) military look alike overalls

✓Three army look alike berets

✓One walk tokie branded alpha Romeo

✓One military poncho

✓Two military look alike berets

✓ Six (06 )army like Chevrons

✓Fake counterfeit dollars of 23 bundles of 20 notes .

✓Two (02 )toy pistols

✓One stainless curved sharp metal

✓Two( 02) military badges branded on auxiliary police department

✓Seven (07)khaki shirts with star pepes

✓Eight (08)khaki trousers

✓Three dresses with laneyards.

✓One black cape branded with police Nationale wording.

✓ Four (04) sewing machines.

The suspects are being processed for court.

The public is urged to surrender these items to local authorities, the police, District/Division Internal Security Organisation (DISO), or the nearest UPDF unit.

This operation will extend to other parts of the country.


Patrick Onyango



13 May 24

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